In 2021 I was struggling with finances, and I just could not afford doctor’s visits and medication. I only had Medicare Part A and B, having had them since 2012. My neighbor, Frank T., told me about John, and how John had been helping him and his wife with Medicare since 2014, and he finally convinced me to give John a call.

John asked a lot of questions – he explained that for him it was building the pieces of the puzzle. He went over my details with me, and together we put together an action plan. He set me up with a program to help me with my medication costs, and then helped me pick and put coverage in place. He even helped me undo the penalties I had for being late on Part D. I would not have done all of this without him.

Tony N.
Vidor, TX

On my 65th birth year, 2014, I began receiving solicitations from insurance providers for Medicare supplemental coverage’s. I had to decide whether or not to opt out of employer insurance to go on Medicare.

John assisted me in the comparisons and types of coverage options, and explained the rules and options I had with my existing coverage. Based on my situation, John advised me to stay on employer coverage. Five years later, when I did decide to retire, I was glad John was still available to help me transition from employer to Medicare coverage.

And now, many years later, I am glad to have him as a resource to review the options which arise each year and provide me a personalized and clear path for proper health care coverage for my needs.

Pat S.
Conyers, GA

I reached out to John March of 2015, when my mother and father were switched by a company agent. They were moved from an Advantage Plan that mostly worked for them, to an Advantage Plan that did not work for them at all – they were spending far too much money on co-pays, and had too limited coverage for her medical needs.

They had asked to change coverage back, and were told they were not able to, since the enrollment period had closed. They were also told they could not return to a MediGap plan with original Medicare, due to her health issues. They were on track to spending everything they had as income on health care, and losing the quality of life they were enjoying.

John used Medicare’s rules to their benefit, and engineered both a way for both of them to return to original Medicare, and to qualify for MediGap coverage. By using Medicare’s rules to our benefit, John reduced the total costs of their health coverage, and so reduced how much all of us would have had to spend to support their medical needs. By making that change, John saved my parents and our family from spending thousands per year in out of pocket costs, and gave my parents manageable, fixed and predictable health care costs for the rest of their lives. A big Thank You to him for years of Medicare help.

Pam S.
Walterboro, SC

In December 2022 I was diagnosed with a heart issue, and prescribed a medication that was expensive. My friend, Ruth F, told me about John, and how he was “her health care go to guy” since 2010, and that he was her Medicare specialist. Even though enrollment was already over, she pushed me to call him.

When I called John, John assured me he would do what he could. We discussed what I was dealing with, and he asked me questions about my situation. He assured me, based on what I had described about my health, that there was a solution that he could help me put in place, but he needed a day to put the parts together, and put the details in my hands.

John called me the next day, as promised. He explained that what he had come up with took several steps, one to set up coverage, another to lift the fines, and a third to switch to a better coverage. He explained he was using Medicare rules to get me covered, and he told me how was using a federal program to lift the penalties I had for not having a required coverage for 8 years. John then went over the coverage details with me, explained it all in easy to understand details. Then we put the plan in place.

Next month my 400 dollar medication was 50 dollars, and my doctor visits were also cut to 20 dollars.

Two months later, John called me, just as he had promised – and explained it was time for the next step. He told me how he had an upgrade to my coverage, what would be improved, and why it made sense for me. He ended up cutting my out of pocket even more, and getting me more benefits.

I would not have gotten this done by myself. I would never even have thought this was possible. Call John – he knows his stuff.

John M.
Arlington, VA